An open-source application for
the analysis and visualization
of segemented vasculature datasets.

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Vasculature Dataset Analysis and Visualization

VesselVio is an open-source application designed for the analysis and visualization of segmented vasculature datasets.


Using VesselVio

VesselVio can be downloaded on Windows and MacOS, or it can be run from a terminal with a single line of code after following our step-by-step installation and build instructions.

To analyze or visualize your binarized vasculature or graph datasets, simply load them into the application, define your analysis settings, and click ‘Analyze’ or ‘Visualize’.

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Currently, VesselVio is available for download as a standalone application for computers running Windows 10 and MacOS 11.6+.

This application is entirely open-source and free to download under the GNU GPLv3 license. The source code for the application can be found on our GitHub page.

Of course, if you use VesselVio in your research, don’t forget to cite our publication in Cell Reports Methods.

External Resources

It’s important to remember that the application was built for the analysis of segmented vasculature datasets. If you’re looking for resources to segment your datasets, you can check out ClearMap, VesSAP, or DeepVesselNet. Of course, there are many more options available.

If you’re looking for help with annotating your whole-brain vasculature datasets, we’d recommend that you check out QuickNII as a starting point.